What Is Garbage Disposal How Using It?

You must present your household waste in a garbage bag, mini container or an underground or above-ground container. There are certain rules for the disposal of your household waste.

How you should present your household waste depends on the neighborhood in which you live. This can be done in a:

  • garbage bag
  • mini container
  • underground or above-ground container
  • No household waste
  • You may not offer this as household waste:
  • bulky waste
  • small chemical waste
  • industrial waste
  • sharp objects or glass in the garbage bag (pedestrians and garbage collectors can be injured)
  • loose plastic bags
  • boxes with waste or other loose dirt

Door-to-door collection of household waste

Do you live in a neighborhood where you put your household waste out in a loose garbage bag or roll container every week? Then the following rules apply:

  • Make sure your garbage bag or mini container is on the road at the latest at 7.45 am on the collection day. You may present your household waste from 10 p.m. the evening before the collection day. But rather put it down on the day itself. In this way you help prevent pollution and nuisance caused by animals.
  • Always use the mini container that you received from the municipality or sturdy garbage bags with a KOMO quality mark. These are more robust than other garbage bags and tear less quickly. This way you prevent dirt from ending up in the street.
  • Close the garbage bags properly so that birds or other animals cannot reach them easily. And don’t make the bag heavier than 8 kilos.
  • Put the household waste as close as possible to the street or at the indicated places for household waste.
  • Do you live in a neighborhood where household waste is collected with mini containers? Then you may not offer loose garbage bags.

Household waste not collected?

Have you presented your household waste on time and in the correct manner? But hasn’t it been picked up at 5 p.m.? Report this directly online to the municipality . You can make a report by telephone the following working day.

Take your household waste to a container yourself

  • Do you live in a neighborhood where you must dispose of your household waste yourself? For example, to an underground or above-ground residual waste container or a collection point in your building? Then take the following into account:
  • Do not use large garbage bags, but opt ​​for smaller ones. These fit better into the collection container and prevent the container from becoming clogged.
  • It is pleasant for your environment if you only use the container between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Separating waste

New products can be made from properly separated waste. By separating waste, you help to reduce the use of raw materials and save energy. Therefore, keep the following types of waste separate from your household waste:

  • paper
  • glass
  • textile
  • plastic and other plastic
  • electrical and electronic devices
  • vegetable, fruit and garden waste (organic waste)

Thrift store and repair café

Some things are still usable and a waste to throw away. Take these things to a thrift store, for example, working televisions, clothing or furniture. Look for a thrift store nearby. Or have the things repaired, for example at a Repair Café.

Frying fat

You can hand in frying fat at the waste collection station or the city ​​farm. You can also put it in a sealed package in your garbage bag or mini container, for example in a plastic bottle or the original frying fat packaging.

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